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Mom Wins $100,000 Judgement After School Tried To Trans Daughter

California mother Jessica Konen won a $100,000 judgment against her daughter’s school district, Spreckles Union School District, in Monterey, California, after members of their school tried to secretly “trans” her daughter without her consent, according to the National Review.

Konen’s daughter, Alicia, was told she could use the boy’s bathroom and male pronouns without her mother being made aware. Alicia was placed in an “Equality Club” at school, where she was taught about sexual preferences, including bisexuality and transgenderism (which is largely understood to be a pronounced sexual ideology, rather than a biological one).  (LEARN MORE: World Expert Says Transgenderism Is ‘Mental Disorder,’ Sex Changes Are ‘Biologically Impossible,’ And The Industry Will Collapse Like Eugenics Did)

Alicia was also provided materials on “how to conceal her supposed new gender identity from her mother and giving her a ‘Gender Support Plan’ that required school staff to refer to her by a male name,” according to the lawsuit. The non-profit Center for American Liberty assisted with the suit.

Harsh Warning For Other Parents

“If you choose not to fight for your children, then they will fight and take your children,” Konen said in a statement. “Stand up parents, it’s your right to be able to parent your own children.” (LEARN MORE: Biden Administration Study Finds Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Americans More Likely To Suffer From Major Depression)

Konen’s work to protect her daughter was actively undermined by those within the district, the suit claims. “[The school district] need to understand their place, and they need to stay in their place. And schools nowadays, they’re awful. So, I’m going to fight this fight and keep fighting this fight,” Konen continued. “I am not going to allow this to keep happening to children.”

Tell Your Elected Officials To Protect Children…Today

By contacting your local representatives to share your disgust, fear, or frustration with the power claimed by educational institutions over your children, you can shift policy to protect America’s most valuable members – its young people. (LEARN MORE: Detransitioner, Doctors Beg Congress To Stop ‘Barbaric Pseudoscience’ Of Transgender Surgeries)

To contact your local representatives today, sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard.


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