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Mask Mandates Return Despite Zero Impact To Health

An alleged COVID-19 subvariant called Eris has been identified in more than 50 countries, prompting many people to reinstate mask mandates across various parts of the U.S., despite there being no medical efficacy for their use, the Epoch Times reported Wednesday.

University and Community General hospitals in Syracuse, New York, brought back mask mandates and COVID testing on August 17. The push came after a marginal uptick in positive COVID tests. “Effective immediately, mandatory masking is required by all staff, visitors, and patients in clinical areas. Clinical areas are defined as any location patients gather, wait, transport thorough, or receive care,” a memo sent to staff read.

Hollywood studio Lionsgate has also demanded staff cover their faces at their Santa Monica office buildings. Georgia Morris Brown College also enforced masking for all staff and students.

Political Pushback Against Mask Stupidity

“The notion that certain jurisdictions and institutions would rush back into mandate mode is not going to be well received by anyone in this country,” Republican California Rep. Kevin Kiley told the outlet. “The president himself has declared an end to the national emergency. A review of the evidence around these mandates has not shown a positive health impact.”

Say Yes To Your Freedoms

Given the lack of medical efficacy of masks, and the heaps of waste they produce as a byproduct of hysteria, it feels ridiculous that anyone should be forced to wear one to live a normal life in America. You can tell your local, state, and federal politicians about how much you’re opposed to masking today.

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