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Liberal Media Tries To Claim Child Sex Trafficking Movie Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

A series of news outlets reviewing Angel Studio’s “Sound of Freedom” tried to claim that the premise was a QAnon conspiracy theory.

Based on a true story, “Sound of Freedom” follows a federal agent after he rescues a young boy and learns that his sister is still being held captive, according to the press release from Angel Studios. It has already grossed some $40,200,000 in projected sales for the first week, making it one of the most successful pieces of entertainment in modern history — save for perhaps “Jesus Revolution.”

But that hasn’t stopped the mainstream news media from trying to spread obvious lies about the story, and the veracity of how it is depicted in the movie.

Bizarrely Consistent Copy From Progressive News Media

A post from conservative commentator Jack Posobiec showed how the Guardian, who called “Sound of Freedom” a QAnon conspiracy, actually reported on the child sex trafficking crisis back in 2018. Why would a media outlet make it’s staff and writers look this stupid?

The strange this is that Rolling Stone wrote almost the exact same story about “Sound of Freedom.” At least one writer hypothesized that all these mainstream outlets were told how to review this great movie. (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution’ Is Based On A True Story, And It Looks Beautiful. Tell Us What You Think!)

It is very strange for such consistency to be seen in the copy (writing) about any topic. But for two major international and domestic outlets to say the exact same thing? It feels fishy!

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