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Kamala Harris Can’t Define What Her Job Is. You Deserve Better From Your Elected Officials.

Vice President Kamala Harris couldn’t explain to “The Late Late Show” host Stephen Colbert what her job is during a Wednesday interview.

Colbert asked a fairly blunt question: “what is the actual role [of a vice president] on a daily basis?” But instead of answering, Harris spoke to Colbert and the audience like we’re children who don’t understand anything (a common trope amongst progressive politicians).

“Well, I have the great privilege of serving with Joe Biden, who is president of the United States,” Harris replied, as if anyone didn’t know that. She also explained how Biden used to be vice president, continuing with her Kindergarten class.

Colbert, who is likely part of the far-left progressive machine, let Harris get away with refusing to answer the question.

So, what is Kamala Harris supposed to be doing?

Under her current role, Harris is supposed to be overseeing the human trafficking and cartel crisis leaching over the U.S. southern border with Mexico. Her reign over this crisis has ensured it reached fever point. (LEARN MORE: Watch This Video To Learn More About The Border Crisis And Rise In Organized Crime)

She’s also given her unelected, unqualified husband, second husband Doug Emhoff, a platform to lobby the general public on the faux-successes of our current leadership. But we don’t have to let this happen for much longer.

The one thing Harris has refused to do since clawing her way to power is support the American public whom she is supposed to serve. With myriad crises facing our population, Harris appears to be more interested in gaining pop culture attention so she can probably try to become president in 2024.

You deserve a Vice President who works for you.

The 2024 presidential elections are only 18 months away. What do you want from your future leadership? Tell us today, and we’ll tell your elected officials what they need to do to get your vote.

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