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Judge Rules Against Kari Lake, So She Makes A ‘Big Announcement’

Maricopa County superior court Judge Peter A. Thompson dismissed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s legal challenge to the 2022 election on Monday. On Tuesday, she announced her run for Senate.

Lake’s team argue that Maricopa County did not conduct signature verification on potentially hundreds of thousands of early ballots that were collected for the 2022 midterms, The Epoch Times  reported. Judge Thompson ruled that Lake had not provided enough evidence to support the claim.

Her team argued that there was evidence of lower-level vote screeners finding inconsistencies in signatures. When these issues were raised to higher level verification staff, they were ignored, the outlet noted.

Expert witness Erich Speckin told Lake’s attorneys that “approximately 274,000 ballots out of 1.3 million cast were compared and signature verified, purportedly, in less than three seconds a ballot. Seventy thousand in less than two seconds a ballot.” But the judge argued that there was no legal requirement for how long someone takes to accurately verify signatures.

Confirming Katie Hobbs

The three-day trial ended with Judge Thompson confirming Democrat Katie Hobbs as Arizona’s new Governor. An attorney for Hobbs called the ruling a “victory for Arizona, our election processes, and voters across the state.”

What’s Next For Lake?

In response, Lake took to Twitter where she stated that a “big announcement” would be made the following day (Tuesday, May 23 2023). That announcement was her decision to create a huge ballot-chasing operation that would take her case all the way to the U.S. supreme court.

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