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Illegal Immigrants Gifted Smartphones On Behalf Of You, The Taxpayer

The Department of Homeland Security helped illegal immigrants be gifted smartphones on behalf of taxpayers. They used your tax money to buy more than 255,000 smartphones for illegal immigrants crossing the southern border since the start of 2022, according to the official Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website.

The phones are part of a program to help Customs and Border Patrol manage the surge of migrants flooding in through Mexico. The phones are enabled to track migrants, and can only be used to contact ICE. Despite the purpose of these phones, many sources claim they’re immediately thrown away.


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You and other American taxpayers are footing the $245,377 per-day bill, almost $90 million a year, on this program and it’s currently unclear whether it works, as The Epoch Times reported. ICE has refused to release any data on the compliance rate, nor whether those entering the country and receiving the smartphones have any pathway to legal immigration or a previous criminal record. The Department of Homeland Security may have helped illegal immigrants be gifted smartphones on behalf of taxpayers, however if proven true are only used to contact ICE.

Every American is paying for the humanitarian crisis on our borders, spurred on by Democrat policies that have normalized human and drug trafficking, cultivating a serious growth in organized crime from Central and South American and Chinese cartels. (LEARN MORE: John Graves Discusses The Humanitarian Crisis On Our Southern Border On Fox News)

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