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Former GMA Anchor Shares Faith-Focused Message For Working Mothers

Former top news anchor Paula Faris ditched her job with ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “The View” to focus on her family back in 2018. When the network seemingly shamed her for picking family over fame, she set out on her own to change the status quo.

“I really decided to try something new which is why we blew up our lives and hit that great big reset button,” she said, according to CBN. “We moved to a small town in South Carolina where my sister lives and I decided to pursue a company of my own.”

“I just saw how women were treated once they became mothers,” she explained. “How they were valued less and scrutinized and penalized for having children, instead of just being celebrated.”

Advocating For Working Mothers

Faris just wrote her own book on the problem, and had some inspiring words regarding “mom guilt.”

“I mean, mom guilt, it’s not just for me,” she answered. “80-90 percent of mothers suffer from some level of mom guilt. And it’s just never feeling like we’re enough, like we’re never present enough, we’re not a good enough mom. We’re always projecting some sort of guilt upon ourselves. And so much of that is because in America motherhood isn’t really celebrated and there’s not a lot of support for being a mother.”

This attitude is very different in other countries. “Something that blew my mind is that mothers globally not only have to work but they take a lot of pride in working and having to contribute to the home,” she explained. “But on the other side of that, the attitudes in other countries towards children and families are so much better. Here in America it’s like, your kid, your problem, figure it out.”

Integration Of Faith

“I struggled with working outside of the home because of the messages I heard from church and my faith circles and so I tackle that in the book too,” she continued. “It was a really hard chapter for me to write but is very freeing about what the scriptures actually say about women, mothers, our role in society at home and at work.”

“I learned that the Proverbs 31 woman, who we often reduce to a domestic housewife, was actually a skilled businesswoman, a negotiator, the security of her community was on her shoulders,” she noted. “She was a manager, she bought a field with her earnings. So often we have weaponized work as if this isn’t part of God’s plan and that’s not the case. And that’s where I think the church can do a lot better is just celebrate, look, the best families are when both the mother and the father are actively involved. We’re raising the children together. We’re co-producing.”

Even If It’s Not Traditional, Mothers Still Work More

Whether it’s a traditional job in the workforce or something completely different, mothers in America work harder than any other demographic. Most women work several jobs at once. They’re wives, parents, housekeepers, chefs, educators, taxi-services, and more to their families.

Surely we can do more to support mothers, and stop adding guilt to their lives?

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