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Flashpoint Special with Mike Lindell & John Graves

In a special Flashpoint program, John Graves and Mike Lindell review new voter integrity legislation and further evidence of voter irregularities in the 2020 election. Sarah Palin, Eric Metaxas, and Rand Paul discuss US inflation, prices at the pump, Hunter Biden’s laptop, suppression in the legacy media, and the war in Ukraine. In a recent press gathering, President Joe Biden is asked why gas prices are rising. His answer will shock you. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin weighs in on Bidens’ response to explain why his administration is the cause of inflation at the pump. “Everything they have done has adversely affected our economy.” With inflation on the rise in America at a record pace. What’s the solution? “If you want to fix something you have to know what caused it.” Rand Paul joins the Flashpoint conversation and provides a straightforward answer and insight into federal spending patterns. In other news, Hunter Biden’s laptop report has resurfaced in the mainstream media. Was it Russian disinformation, or was this story intentionally suppressed? Eric Metaxas expresses his shock at how this coordinated effort was accomplished. “That’s when I knew someone was trying to steal America from the people.” Finally, last week Mike Lindell released new BOMBSHELL evidence detailing a seven-month investigation into Mesa County voting machines. Mike joins Flashpoint to announce these discoveries. “It’s out there now, and it’s too late to close the gate. The cows are out of the barn!” Tech entrepreneur and attorney John Graves joined the conversation to point out that evidence is a vital part of the journey to election integrity. “This has been the biggest week for election integrity in the last sixteen months.” Million Voices has developed a simple tool to connect with your State Senators and Representatives. USE YOUR VOICE today and ensure election integrity in your state.


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