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FlashPoint – Hunter’s Laptop, Star Trek Stacey & Disney Redefines Family

President Joe Biden alludes to a coming “New World Order,” Star Trek: Discovery casts Stacey Abrams as President of United Earth, AND mainstream media finally admits Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a Russian hoax. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman, and John Graves join FlashPoint to discuss these current events, noting how this point in time is an “Esther moment” for the Body of Christ. “I believe God is raising up millions of voices all over this country!” More evidence continues to surface about Hunter Biden’s laptop, prompting questions as to whether this is the “hallmark of a Russian disinformation campaign.” Watch how the mainstream media instantaneously propagated coordinated talking points once the news of Hunter’s laptop was unleashed. You’ll be interested to know who broke the story! Next, Press Secretary Jen Psaki deflects questioning from the press about Hunter’s laptop, pointing to the Department of Justice, claiming she only works for the United States. Mario Murillo points out the blatant deception from the radical left and mainstream media covering up corruption. “We need a miracle in America!” …and that miracle will likely come from an unassuming place. In other news, Disney takes a bold stand for equality and the LGBTQIA+ community. How should we as Christians respond to their position? CEO John Graves admits that believers are often “too kind, possibly distracted, or think their voice doesn’t matter.” John describes a simple tool for you to use to let YOUR voice be heard on this and other issues of concern. Finally, the lead singer of Skillet, John Cooper, engages with FlashPoint’s Gene Bailey, challenging the belief many believers have that, “politics, for Christians — that’s not our world.” John confirms that politics are foundational to everyone’s core values.


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