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CNN Medical Analyst Finally Admits COVID-19 Death Data Wasn’t ‘Intellectually Honest’

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen said Tuesday that the number of reported COVID-19 Death Data Wasn’t ‘Intellectually Honest’ after she claimed in a separate column that hospitalizations and deaths from the virus had been overcounted.

In her column for the Washington Post, Wen argued that overcounting COVID deaths and hospitalizations was a serious problem. Wen stated that “patients diagnosed with COVID are actually in the hospital for some other illness,” and that the “number of deaths attributed to COVID is far greater than the actual number of people dying from COVID.”

In these two sentences alone, Wen confirmed what we’ve always known about media and governmental manipulation and propaganda since the start of the pandemic: the death rates were exaggerated.

For well over a year, millions of Americans felt that COVID-19 hospitalizations and death rates were manipulated. We were being told that people were dying, being hospitalized because of COVID, when the reality was far different. Countless people died or hospitalized with COVID.

We knew this to be true, but our government, media, and medical establishment lied to us, and mocked us for our truth… which is now the whole truth.

It’s unclear why hospitals, the media, and lawmakers were so quick to lie about the number of actual hospitalizations and deaths caused by COVID-19, but it is clear how each could benefit from their propaganda. Hospitals benefit financially when they lie about COVID-19 deaths.

The media benefits financially from pushing falsehoods about COVID-19, mostly because reader and viewership goes up dramatically during times of crisis, and therefore advertising revenue does too. (LEARN MORE: The Villainization Of The Unvaccinated)

As for lawmakers, it’s easier for them to control us if we are scared and depending on them for information — even if the information they give us is false, as it has been with COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations.

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