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Court Rules Against Mailing Abortion Pills, Ignoring Women’s Injuries

In a huge win for women and the lives of the unborn, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against relaxed safety standards around abortion pills instituted by the Obama and Biden Administration, according to the Washington Stand.

The three-judge panel based in New Orleans, Louisiana, reduced the number of weeks abortion drugs can be dispensed, and that only a physician can prescribe the pill. The court further ended telemedicine options for pregnant women wanting an abortion, and would require women seeking abortions to have three in-person visits with a medical professional.

“The first to confirm pregnancy and to take mifepristone, the second to take misoprostol, and a follow-up to check for adverse effects caused by the chemical abortion,” the Washington Stand noted.

Protecting Women & The Lives Of The Unborn

The court banned all abortion pills from being sent via mail, and mandated all those conducting abortions must report every single adverse event caused by the main drug, mifepristone. That includes any side effects, not just when a woman dies from using the pill.

The decision is being heralded as a huge win for the health and safety of women. But there is still more we can do to protect Life.

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