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Country Music Legend Wants To Restore America ‘To What It Once Was’

After facing backlash from progressives over his use of real news footage in his latest music video, country music legend Jason Aldean is not backing down. The “Try That in a Small Town” star told a crowd at his Cincinnati, Ohio concert that he loves America, and wants it back to how to was “before all the bullsh*t.”

“I love our country. I want to see it restored to what it once was before all this bullsh*t started happening to us,” Aldean told the crowd, footage of which was posted to Twitter.

Try That In A Small Town

It is unclear why the mainstream music industry thinks that Aldean’s latest hit is controversial. The singer used real news footage in the video accompanying the song, which showed rampant crime, destruction, violence, and social decline normalized in many parts of the U.S. over the last few years. (LEARN MORE: All Republican Presidential Candidates For 2024 Were Brought Together Through Faith)

People tried to call the song racist, despite it not once mentioning race. “It’s been a long week, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a lot of stuff suggesting I’m this, suggesting I’m that. Here’s the thing, here’s one thing I feel: I feel like everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” Aldean said of the situation. “You can think something all you want to, it doesn’t mean it’s true, right?”

Importance Of Protecting America

As all of the crises depicted in Aldean’s song continue to rise throughout the U.S., you should know that your voice matters more than ever before. If you’re not sure how to use it, let us help you.

Here at MillionVoices, our work is action-focused. At the end of every article, we offer our readers the opportunity to help in whatever themes we’ve been talking about. In this article, we discussed the importance of safety within our cities and town, as well as the right to free speech.

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