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Christians Protest Washington Mayor For Attending Worship Event

A group of Christian residents protested a plan by Spokane, Washington, Mayor Nadine Woodward, to attend a worship event hosted by missionary Sean Feucht, and for receiving prayed from former legislator-turned-pastor Matt Shea.

Shea, a former Washington state Republican legislator, was removed from his office after an investigation uncovered that he was involved in an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2016, according to the Christian Post. Feucht hosts the “Let Us Worship” events, designed to combat the tyrannical restrictions pushed upon Christians during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Woodward attended one of Feucht’s events in August, where she received prayer from Shea. (LEARN MORE: Young Christians Are Needed As Successors To Aging Pastors)

Political Rivals Spread Hate

Woodward’s political rival, Lisa Brown, apparently claimed that the event was filled with hate, but this was not the case. “I’m going to ask you where the hate is because being at the concert, this is what I saw. And I want to kind of bring this to the public awareness here. I saw people ready to pray. I heard people crying out. I saw people who wanted answers for the many concerns they have today,” attendee and non-voting deacon of Spokane Valley Assembly Church, Lyle Dach, said of the event.

“I heard a pastor who the media hates call to action every believer to get past their political indifference and pray for our leaders like believers are called to do. I then heard the same pastor corporately pray for the fire victims and a mayor and other leaders on stage.”

Plans To Censor Christians

Woodward attended the event to support families ravaged by wildfires within her jurisdiction. She says she had no idea Feucht and Shea would be there. (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Credits God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

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