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Actress Fights Hollywood Lies Through Jesus

Actress Jenn Gotzon joined with two co-authors, Morgan Threadgill and Lynette Simm, to release a book focused on mitigating the negative impacts of Hollywood on the mind of teenage girls, according to Christian Post.

“When I was a teen, I wanted to be liked, so I strived to do my hair and makeup like famous actresses and would look at magazines thinking if I looked like them, then I’d be invited to parties by those girls who I so wanted to be accepted by,” Gotzon told the outlet.

“Instead, several [of the girls] would make vulgar comments to me every day as I entered my homeroom class.”

Focusing On Christ, Not Hollywood

The women focused on encouraging girls to find value in God instead of what pop culture perpetuates. “I went through a divorce and all that pain echoed into me thinking my ex didn’t like me because I wasn’t thin and pretty enough,” Gotzon continued.

Almost 80% of 17-year-old girls feel like they’re not pretty, or are unhappy with their body image. But the pressure to look a certain way doesn’t come from within, it’s forced upon young women by the media. And that stress can be mitigated through God’s love.

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