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As we near the holiday season and Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30), I am excited to share some outstanding accomplishments—thanks to you, our faithful partners! I welcome you to join us in celebrating what God has done and is STILL doing through Million Voices in three key areas: voter integrity, education and encouragement to believers, and the amplification of millions of voices making an impact across our nation!

Voter Impact

“Come and see what God has done.” (Ps. 66:5)

One of our focuses at Million Voices is reaching, educating, and mobilizing voters. Following the 2020 election cycle and in preparation for 2022, our team has analyzed our data in swing states, and the measurable results are impressive. Your contributions allowed Million Voices to reach millions of unregistered and low-propensity voters of faith in 2020. Even more exciting, our empirical data demonstrates that voters who heard our message were exponentially more likely to show up at the polls!

Your generosity allowed us to research and create 16 nonpartisan, church-approved voter guides (including a presidential, a vice presidential, and 14 key statewide elections), digitally distributing them to millions of faith voters and thousands of churches in 2020. George Barna’s research shows that 75% of undecided voters rely primarily on nonpartisan voter guides to help them navigate elections. Thus, the contribution of these guides was a critical component preceding the 2020 election, informing voters of the candidates’ positions on issues of importance to people of faith and inspiring participation in the election in furtherance of biblically-sound policies.

Voter Integrity

“Be prepared, in season and out of season.” (2 Tim. 4:2)

While informing and encouraging voters is important, we also understand that election integrity is a huge and pressing concern for all patriots. Because of this, during non-election seasons, we lend our data and technical expertise to those who are working to preserve and fight for election integrity. If you’ve been disheartened by the undermining of our election processes, be encouraged: in 2021, 19 states have already passed over 33 new laws protecting and/or increasing election integrity.

Even as we factor in potentially fraudulent or otherwise illegitimate votes, our data still confirms that a small increase in people of faith becoming civically involved can make a measurable difference in election outcomes. In 2020, 77 U.S. Congressional races and 12 U.S. Senate races were decided by less than 10% margins! Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District was won with a margin of only six votes (6!) out of the nearly 400,000 votes cast! Let that sink in for a moment—a small church, your family, or your circle of friends could have determined the winner of that key seat!

Looking Ahead

With less than four months until the first 2022 primary, NOW is the time to fully engage with our voices, our actions, and our finances! We’ve identified and begun work in 20+ states with significant races for U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and Governor, with efforts additionally focused on races for Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor seats, due to these officials’ authority and influence over issues of biblical significance, as well as their key roles in election processes.

We are praying for people of faith who will stand

in the GAP—to GIVE, ACT, & PRAY!

As we approach Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30), would you prayerfully consider helping us reach more faith voters and ask God for guidance as you contemplate giving? Every dollar ($1) allows us to distribute 10 more voters guides in 2022. Every ten dollars ($10) funds our ability to identify and mobilize a disengaged voter, increasing the likelihood that that individual will vote by 75%! We believe every voice of faith matters, making each dollar important as we strive to be a megaphone for you and other believers across the nation.

With gratitude,

John Graves, CEO

P.S. If you’re prepared to give early, you can do that now on our Giving Tuesday page located here.



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