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Thursday, May 14th, 2020  |  11 AM PDT – 2 PM EDT

Jesus came “that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Today as more and more states are opening back up to re-engage in commerce and life activities there is a renewed sense of hope.  While there has been so much talk of shutdown and social constraints there has been a creative movement rising within the body of Christ. Streaming Worship Services and prayer initiatives have been surging through online platforms daily! The Body of Christ is rising to the occasion. Which brings us to our topic today.

Million Voices for Prayer is a  live streaming event beginning Pentecost Weekend on Friday, May 29 at 6pm Central – Saturday, May 30 6pm Central. It is comprised of eight (8) three (3) hour segments on topics related to life. Each segment is anchored in the first hour by a key leader or group working extensively in this particular arena. This live streaming event will be viewable on Facebook, YouTube, and Church Online Platform. Each three hour segment has a thematic order and takes us on a spiritual journey into the heart of the Father for this critical issue.

Segment 1: The cultural temperature on valuing human life.

24 hours of prayer begins with a look into the way our culture values human life, and unborn life. This segment is anchored by the idea that abortion is a crime against humanity and that 1,000,000 Americans will cry out and speak up in the culture. In addition, an adoption movement is a necessary solution for the Church now, until abortion is unlawful, and beyond.

Segment 2: Abortion hurts women/families

We move from the cultural outcry to the specific voices of woman speaking up on how destructive and costly abortion is. For mother and child.

Segment 3:  Legislative obstacles

This time segment is dedicated to pray for the state and federal legislative processes and for the governmental leaders involved. We will also intercede for the 2020 election outcomes in critical states, and for new voter engagement from the church to stand up and speak out.

Segment 4:  Judicial (SCOTUS & Courts)

Both the legislative and judicial branches have a huge part to play in ending abortion. This segment focuses on SCOTUS and the lower courts. 

Segment 5: Supply and Demand issues (Unhealthy sexuality and porn/trafficking)

This segment focuses on a time of prayer for many root causes of abortion. Ultimately, abortion happens because where God’s sexual ethic is ignored. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy our culture through a counterfeit sexuality. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry that drives this counterfeit ethic. And child trafficking is a major component of the porn industry. 

Segment 6: Spiritual Warfare (dealing with spiritual darkness)

Beneath the darkness in human culture is a spiritual darkness. Like the 9th plague of the Exodus, this is a darkness “that can be felt”. When God destroys idols in culture, the darkness that empowers them often gets more tangible and must be addressed with intercession and the delegated authority of the believer.

Segment 7: Repentance (turning, changing our minds)

Our own hearts and the hearts of our leaders. Darkness in the world exists because of darkness in our own heart. But if we confess our sins He is faith and just to forgive and cleanse. We move now into a time of personal, corporate and identificational repentance for the sins of abortion and counterfeit sexuality.

Segment 8: Kingship of Jesus (Declaration of Covenant & Sonship)

The cornerstone, substance of our faith, the Kingship of Jesus and covenant blessings that allow us to be called sons and daughters of God. Personal kingship is the empowerment of your identity and standing in your authority.  Corporate kingship is our agreement with God’s purpose as a group. Momentum comes when people partner with that purpose. This is how strongholds and principalities are broken. We close with a declaration of our personal and corporate commitment to affirm the cry “No King But Jesus”.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer today. Please visit today tor learn more about this great opportunity! 


Adam W. Schindler
Adam W. SchindlerMV Contributor
Adam W. Schindler is a pastor, teacher, consultant, and digital strategy executive with experience in digital marketing, messaging and web design and development.


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