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The government exists for the people and should steward their resources and economic freedom according to the same biblical principles that apply to people, without excessive debt, intrusion, regulation, or taxation. How we handle finances shows our heart.

Those in need


The poor, orphans, widows, foreigners, and frail are of special concern to God. The Bible teaches individual work ethic and self-support for our families when we are able, and the local church is instructed to help those in need instead of excessive reliance on government perpetuating a government dependency entitlement mindset. The government should secure and protect our nation and provide biblical stewardship of its citizenship and national immigration.

Equality and Unity


All races and ethnicities are created by God and should be treated with biblical justice and compassion. Unity in the church is essential. We serve all biblically based churches in America regardless of size, race or denomination. We work with those who align with us in our faith and all freedoms.

Israel & World


Israel has a special place in the heart of God and should be prayed for, supported, and defended as a nation and as a people. God calls us to reach our city, our state, our nation, the ethnic groups in our nation and share to the ends of the world with His message.

Spiritual Awakening


When righteous people govern a nation, its citizens can rejoice, and when people who are unrighteous govern, they groan (Proverbs 29:2). One hindrance to revival is when godly people who are free to elect who govern them do not vote, pray or run for office. The church is the hope of the world. Christians should be salt and light to the culture and influence the nation but not place their hope in any political party or candidate. All Christians are instructed to pray at all times for, submit to, and minister to those in authority.

Biblical Justice and Rehabilitation


 God is both just and the creator of forgiveness and second chances. Thus, our justice and prison system should protect the innocent, punish offenders, and be rehabilitation focused in order to reduce crime in society and better its citizen

Religious Freedom


Freedom is essential to the foundation of a healthy society. As Christians in America, we uphold the Constitution and all its protections including religious freedom, speech, liberty, and life. The government is God’s instrument for governing society and not dictating the worship or freedom of its citizens.

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