Hope Box founder Sarah Koeppen’s life changed forever with one dangerous prayer: “Lord, teach me to love the way You love.” Then, an abandoned 3-year-old child was left at her doorstep. Sarah welcomed him into her heart and her family. From there, her heartfelt prayers to God eventually birthed a ministry that loves, rescues, and advocates for abandoned infants and women in crisis. Their number is shockingly greater than any of us know.

But Sarah knows. The Hope Box mission is to bring about the best possible outcomes for infants abandoned in hospitals (upwards of 22,000 per year!), given up through Safe Haven Laws (each state has its own version), and or at risk of being sold into sex trafficking (this happens every day). Sarah is passionate that The Hope Box goes after abandoned and unloved babies for one simple reason: because Jesus does.

There is a great destiny in the lives of these children. Whether through prayer, community advocacy, or legislative action, the whole Body of Christ is needed to rise up on their behalf to secure their destinies. God is doing a new thing. Partner with Him and see answers to prayer. Recently, Georgia amended and expanded its Safe Haven Law to save even more at-risk infants. The Hope Box also works to bridge the gap between child welfare organizations and forever families. Sarah believes these abandoned ones are the very ones God is raising up into an army that will do great exploits for the Kingdom of God, to take back what the enemy has stolen. 

The future of families and children is at stake in our nation. Sarah’s exhortation to Christians in this election season: “Pray for your leaders. Pray for your elected officials, your pastors, your President. Worship the Lord, and let your relationship with Jesus be the guiding factor as you vote.” Your voice matters!

Connect with Sarah and The Hope Box at https://www.thehopebox.org/


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