Founder of The Justice Reform, Heather Schott’s heart cry is biblical restorative justice for women and children coming out of sex trafficking. Heather began the ministry with one divine idea. One day while running and praying, Heather heard the Lord ask her, “What would it take to keep you running no matter what?” She immediately saw a picture of a marathon with pictures of human trafficking victims’ faces on the tags of the runners. That day The Justice Run was born. The first race will be November 7, 2021, with the goal of raising funds to build long-term restoration houses of healing and discipling victims into victors.  

In today’s podcast, Heather shares stories of the Body of Christ working together and utilizing their talents to accomplish biblical justice in this area of need. And the need is great:  America is the #1 nation in the world for the purchase and trafficking of sexual slavery. The heart of The Justice Reform is to bring the hope and healing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these victims of modern-day slavery. They see miraculous transformations through prayer, discipleship, and the activation of the Church to speak up and get involved. 

Asked why do elections matter for Christians, Heather says that the Church has shrunk back in the past, thinking it was humility, but the result was that we have lost our voice of influence and truth in the political arena. “Silence is consent. Silence is conformity”, she says, so the time is now to cry out in prayer and advocate for biblical justice. Ask God to give you His heart and let Him guide you in how to speak, act, and vote.  Heather adds, “It is time to stand up and vote according to biblical values.” Your voice matters!


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