Author, political commentator, and former 3-time Presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes holds a Ph.D. in Government and Constitutional Theory from Harvard. He has dedicated his life to defending, promoting, and fighting for liberty. His message is shaped by both his vast knowledge of American history and the Scriptures. In today’s podcast, Keyes shines some light on identity politics, intersectionality, and the meaning of true equality as established in our Nation’s founding documents. 

The narrative of division is part of a current effort to get Americans preoccupied with the things that make us different, forgetting the things we share as Americans:  freedom, inalienable rights, an obligation to the will of God to do right, and standing equally valued and responsible before Him.  Equality does not equate to material equality. We all have different talents, abilities, inclinations, and predilections.  Equality for all people means that we all have intrinsic worth in the eyes of God.  What we do with those talents, abilities, and inclinations is our choice and our responsibility as good citizens. We can choose to align with His will and His path for our lives, or a path of our own choosing. This is our “evangelical vocation” as believers according to Keyes.  To believe the false narrative of division and disempowerment is to choose the wrong path.

Why should Christians get involved in the political process and elections? “We must fight for the continued evangelical mission, and for this country that has time and time again answered the call of those willing to represent God’s voice of conscience no matter the cost.”  Commit your heart first to God, and then to His obvious goodwill for the United States.  Take grassroots action, which may even now restore this country to the blessings of liberty. Your voice matters!


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