Esther Moment

Strategist, businessman, and author Dr. Lance Wallnau speaks to Christians about the urgency of the hour and the Esther moment we are in. Elections have consequences and how we vote this year will determine “not just which political party wins but which civilization survives.” Voting is much bigger than a simple political decision now. For such a time as this, we have been called to take action and let our voices be heard at the ballot box. 

Modern-Day Cyrus

In today’s podcast, Wallnau also recalls his prophetic prediction in 2016 about Donald Trump becoming President in his book, God’s Chaos Candidate, comparing him to a modern-day Cyrus from Isaiah 45. This characterization was later echoed by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the announcement of the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem in late 2017. Lance’s new book, God’s Chaos Code, covers the period since the 2016 elections and weighs in on this year’s White House race, drawing parallels from the book of Haggai, and carrying a strong message for believers not to check out but engage in governmental affairs.

Vote = Seed

Wallnau has a simple but powerful analogy of the importance of voting for Christians. “A vote is nothing more than a seed. And right now you can plant a seed.” It doesn’t matter if your voting choice is outnumbered 10 to 1, he says, “I will plant my seed with a vote in terms of what I’m agreeing with – a harvest in America.” Each seed, each vote, is a statement of faith for the future that will have consequences.  

“Look at your vote not as an opportunity but as a responsibility. You don’t want to fail that because whatever you do or don’t do is going to be like an Esther moment. You’re going to live with those consequences that you authorize. With a wrong vote, you authorize anarchy to come into your life. With no vote, you authorize anarchy to come into your life. With the right vote, you authorize favor to come into your life.”  

Right now we must put that seed in the ground because we are going to live with the authorization of what we do with it.  Sow your seed for righteousness.  Every seed, every vote, every voice matters!


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