Destiny of America

Pause to Pray - Week 1: Holiness - Day 1

A word for the destiny of America in 2020

Four hundred years are up, and I’m about to deliver my people into their call and destiny to be a nation of deliverers. The world still needs a country that will stand up and snatch hurting ones from the chaotic tides of the rising darkness. America has tasted and seen glimpses of her destiny. But she has mostly abandoned the foundations and original heart of my children who birthed her. From the forge of liberty, America’s Founders wrought a new nation amongst the embers of a crumbling empire. A new governmental system unseen in the earth was fashioned from desperate dependence on My Word and My Voice.

But the generations who followed turned back into bondage through rebellion and abdication of their mission: being the standard-bearers for my glory. I raised over them a banner that waved for 137 years. But it was torn down, and a new one set in its station. In place of submission, resistance has risen to My purposes for the United States and her people. It symbolizes the pursuit of power and wealth without a divine inhabitation of hearts, minds, and institutions.

Pockets of beauty and My glory were found amid a century of war. But you cannot live through the trauma of a century of wickedness which decimates your families, nations, and cultures without an eternal dependence on Me. I’m igniting a new nation eternally dependent upon me.

You stand today at the crossroads. Hear My Voice America, “You are a nation of deliverers. And this is the way, walk in it. You will find rest for your souls. “


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Pause to Pray