Transcript from Million Voices Update on December 28, 2021

Hi, John Graves with Million Voices. One of the top stories that’s happening in the country right now is racism. In South Dakota, the governor, Kristi Noem, just struck down critical race theory in the public education system. 

People don’t really understand critical race theory, but it’s founded in Marxism, which requires there to be an oppressor and an oppressed. It became famous in Virginia in the governor’s race for a lot of people who are kind of paying attention to those things.


What it says is that in order for the races to get along, we need to start with the assumption that all white people are racist. All white people are oppressors. And so once all the white people agree with that, then let’s all get along. Well, the truth is, it’s not true.


Not all people of all one race are all racist ever, or oppressors. It’s never been true in history and it’s not true now and yet it’s continuing to be the narrative of the far left, Socialist, Marxist indoctrination. And so what’s happening is a lot of minorities, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, are moving away from that woke leftist.


The same thing we see in BLM. It’s horrendous what happened to George Floyd last year, but because it was a white police officer doing it to a black person, then they turned it into BLM (also founded in Marxism, anti-God, anti-America, anti-nuclear family of a man and a woman). So what they do is burn down buildings and defund the police. What’s the result of that? This year, one year later, the highest murder rate increase in history, over 30% majority coming from the cities that defunded the police.


They said we don’t want safety. Well, minorities actually want safety in the streets. They just want fairness, which is what all people should want. Supreme Court, I predict, is going to strike down New York’s handgun law. It’s going to be the biggest Second Amendment decision over a decade and largely because people need the Second Amendment right to defend themselves. You can’t take the police away, let the murder rates go up, and think we ought to at least give them their constitutional rights.


But one of the stories that gives me the most hope happened in Ohio this week. A young man named Deshawn is with his daughter. He meets a lady named Patricia, she’s an older white lady, 87 and he’s a younger black guy, and they strike up a conversation just over groceries and over how cute his daughter is. On either one of their sides, there’s no buying into this narrative that she’s white so she’s got to be racist. 


Well, they go back to shopping in the grocery store and he hears her scream in the next aisle over and a white guy had stolen her purse and ran out of the store. Deshawn chases him down, stops him, and holds him until the police get there and arrest him for a felony. What’s incredible about this story is it’s just people being people and quit buying into the racist narratives and helping people when there are crimes that are happening in our country, that’s getting out of control. And the coolest thing about it is he said, my grandma taught me that’s how you treat other people. He didn’t buy into that narrative and neither should any of us. 


Here is one of the greatest things we can do. 10 or 15 of us that will contact our state representative. You can send them a letter, call them, write them a postcard – that’s all you have to do.


We give you two choices to do this. You can just sign up, give us your email and we’ll send you things like this on racism, on crime, on all the top issues of the day and you can send it straight to your representative and say, hey, I care about crime, I care about racism. Don’t buy into this stuff or do something that’s good about this, just like these neighbors are doing in Ohio.


The second thing you can do, if you don’t want to get the stamp in the envelope and write the letter and do all that, you just make a small donation, you sign it and we’ll send a letter from you to your state representative, not from us, but from you asking for them to respond to you. If enough of us stand together like Deshawn, we can make this world a better place. Get started today.

No matter how frustrating it gets, there’s hope.