Global evangelist, church equipper, and missionary Robby Dawkins has a message to the Church in this crucial hour: stand up, speak up, lead the conversation, expose darkness and deception wherever it is found. Motivated by love, after the example of Christ, we must not shy away from speaking truth and confronting injustice. 

Robby is a fifth-generation pastor who was born to missionary parents in Japan. He knew from a young age that God had called him into ministry. “My parents say that from the age of 2, I was telling people that I would grow up and be a missionary.” In many ways that have been the case in Robby’s life – thus far he has ministered in over 70 nations.

It was while jailed in Afghanistan Robby discovered just how hungry the world is for true leadership. There, one of his captors, an Afghani soldier, professed his admiration of President Trump because of his leadership. He told Robby, “We don’t have a lot of leaders here.” 

Robby believes that God has chosen the U.S. to be a leader and forerunner, setting the standard for protecting freedom and boldly standing for truth. As a nation, we lead not from superiority but through serving the world. We are called to lead by example and make a place for others to follow and take up their God-given leadership roles.

Robby’s message to Christian voters – this year more than ever, the silent majority needs to shift. Speak up. Lead. Vote. Not voting is a big mistake. Our nation is in a battle, not between flesh and blood but between darkness and light. Those who know the truth must step up, stand firm, and vote for Biblical, godly principles. We must speak the truth in love because we love what God has called and purposed this nation to be. 


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