“Christianity will survive without America but America will not survive without Christianity,” says evangelist and author Mario Murillo. We must understand what’s at stake for America in this hour – it’s not political, it’s spiritual! The Church must be engaging culture and politics to ensure this nation continues to honor the gospel and be a lampstand to the nations.  

Everything about Mario Murillo defies the odds. He is a native of San Francisco, a city not known for producing international evangelists. His ministry was born in the drug obsessed, occult saturated 70s, in the epicenter of violent student revolution – Berkeley, California. As a result, he is very familiar with Marxism, its agenda, and its intention. Mario is so passionate about his message because “we have no idea what we are about to lose.”

He explains: America is a miracle. It was birthed in prayer and forged by a miracle. No system in the history of the world has ever been more honest in rewarding hard work with prosperity. The ability of the United States to preach the gospel to the world and to feed the hungry is unprecedented. The more you study American history, Mario says, the more you understand “Satan wants American history eradicated. The Marxists and the people who are radical want to destroy and uncouple us from the story of America and what America really is.”

Mario’s message to Christian voters – this hour calls for fervent, unrelenting prayer. And having prayed we must act. The list of things that have happened on our watch as Americans is virtually endless, and to lose it by staying home and not voting is simply mind-boggling. Our nation was forged in prayer. And it is time once again to both pray and act. Speak up for righteousness. And Vote. Your Voice Matters!


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