Andrew Wommack, President of Charis Bible College and Co-founder of Truth and Liberty Coalition, says, “The Church knows that God is sovereign over the Church, but the Church doesn’t know that God is sovereign over the government.”  In today’s podcast, Andrew lays out just what is at stake for America if Christians remain silent on religious freedom and righteous government. We are at a tipping point in this nation that calls for bold and courageous preaching and action on the part of believers. There is both historical and biblical precedent by which God’s people have turned their nation back to righteousness. 


In the days leading up to the Revolutionary War, pulpits across the colonies thundered with bold sermons instilling biblical truth, spurring citizens to take action to secure the nation’s liberty.  The British dubbed these courageous preachers “The Black Robe Regiment” and acknowledged their pivotal role in securing our new nation’s victory.  These Revolutionary-era sermons found their way into the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents that endure to this day.

Citing biblical precedent for involvement with governing authorities, Andrew points to numerous examples in Scripture where people of faith stood before kings and pharaohs to speak the word of the Lord, unafraid of consequences:  Moses, Elijah, and Daniel, to name just a few.  Andrew stresses that we must know our history and live these enduring truths. 

This same boldness is needed in the Church today. When governments and authorities refuse to allow churches to peaceably assemble while rioting and violence are not condemned, Wommack says we have to get out into the marketplace, go into government, and start taking a stand. These authoritarian actions have the potential to take away the God-given rights that this nation has operated in for hundreds of years.  “God does rule over not just the Church but everything else, and especially in this nation that was dedicated to Christian principles. We cannot give up these rights. We’ve got to fight for them.” His message to believers: educate, inform, speak, act, vote.  Your voice matters!

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