“Your very first liberty is your freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof, and it has been granted to you by Creator God,” says Texas GOP Chairman, author, and former U.S. Congressman Lt. Colonel Allen West. In today’s podcast, West discusses the vital importance of Christian voter engagement, especially this year. 

Uncle Tom

West is featured in this year’s eye-opening documentary, “Uncle Tom,” which examines black conservatives’ self-empowerment, individualism, and often-ignored influence in our culture. The documentary demonstrates how black conservatives often endure derision from other people of color because they reject the victim narrative and choose a different party affiliation. Uncle Tom also examines the traditional role of the nuclear family and fatherhood on stable, successful communities in contrast to ideologies that seek to undermine that foundation today. “Politics is downstream of the culture,” and therefore, a cultural shift is what faith voters of every color must work to bring about.

Separation of Church & State

West has a clear message for Christian voters who may be on the fence or has already decided not to vote this year: “Separation of Church and State does not mean you separate the Judeo-Christian faith heritage from this nation or from yourself. This nation is unique in that it was founded upon the premise that our inalienable rights come from a Creator God. If you continue to allow, the secular humanists to drive the Creator God out of the marketplace, then who will be the grantor of your inalienable rights?”

God did not call us to shrink back, West concludes. He called us to be strong and of good courage and be the voice of righteous governance in our country. Your voice matters!

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