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Pandemic Amnesty: Can We Forgive, But Never Forget?

The bizarre concept of pandemic amnesty was first raised in an article published in 2022 in The Atlantic. On its surface, amnesty can sound like a nice idea. Forgiveness is a great strength if one can truly harness its strength.

Unfortunately, the growing narrative that we need to “forgive and forget” how we acted during the COVID-19 pandemic is largely pointed at those of us who did not bow down to the government’s demands during the crisis

How did you act during the pandemic?

Did you lock yourself in your home? Were you given a choice when told to shut down your business, losing all forms of income except government support? (Which you paid for in your taxes anyway).

Did you force an experimental drug treatment on your family members? Did you create a bubble that led to financial upheavals impacting the entire world and societal structures we depend upon?

No, you didn’t.

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Your government and unelected individuals such as Dr. Anthony Fauci were the ones who shut down the economy and the country. They were the people who told you that you couldn’t visit your relatives, or hug your family for months on end.

These bad actors even convinced members of your family to villainize you.

Your government told you that life would only return to normal once you used the medication they prescribed. If you didn’t obey, you risked losing your career and were ridiculed by strangers on social media, news anchors, and Hollywood celebrities.

Every issue that has stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic has come from the evisceration of your freedoms. Decisions based on inconclusive science allowed our government to use the crisis to seize further control of your life.

We may not know for a decade or more how the pandemic has harmed the human species, but it has been far from positive. (LEARN MORE: How To Change Policies In Your State)

The Bizarre Concept of Pandemic Amnesty is interesting to say the least. The amnesty, or forgiveness, requested by the corporate news media likely comes at the request of the government. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to grant it.

Forgiveness can absolutely be granted… once it’s earned.

What do you need to truly forgive and move forward from this crisis and the knock on impacts? Let us know, and we’ll ensure that all your elected officials know exactly what you need.

Watch this short clip to learn more about true pandemic amnesty, and sign up for today (text MV to 80550) and share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed on your rights in a post-pandemic world.


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