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Report Exposes How Asian-Americans In San Francisco Are Leaving The Democratic Party

A report from CNN found that Asian-Americans are growing increasingly alienated by progressive policies in San Francisco, California.

One-third of residents in the once-culturally significant San Francisco are Asian-American, according to CNN. Growing “discontent” amongst the communities is “driving a series of political shake-ups” in the Bay Area.

“Community organizer Forrest Liu recently spoke with Lah about the sentiment within his community. He explained that Asian-Americans awoke to the reality of their city when the COVID-19 pandemic hit three years ago.” The Blaze wrote in their coverage of the report. “That’s when his community learned they were not as safe as they thought, that city leaders did not listen to them, and progressive politics had ruined the education system.”

Democrats Don’t Care About Your Safety

“I think they have gone too extreme to the left,” one local mother Allene June told CNN. “I think we need to get back to the basics and focus on making sure that the cities are safe, making sure we have high-quality education.”

“I know of folks that have traditionally voted Democrat that are now voting Republican because they do not feel that the Democratic Party is representing them.” — San Francisco resident Allene June.

You can watch the full clip here:

But be warned. What happens in California eventually comes for the rest of America. We can help stop America from becoming California with our vote. We have less than 2 years before the next election cycle. What do you want to see in our future leadership?

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