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‘Political Slippery Slope’: Black Great-Great Grandson Of Slave Explains How Woke San Francisco Will Harm Demographic With Reparations

An opinion article published by Fox News shed light on the “surprising” outcome for black families should San Francisco move forward with their reparations plan.

“San Francisco recently announced a plan that seeks to provide reparations for the Black community. Under this proposal, every eligible Black adult in San Francisco would receive payments of $5 million, elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, a guaranteed annual income of at least $97,000 for 250 years, and the ability to purchase a home in San Francisco for only $1,” Republican Texas Congressman Wesley Hunt wrote in the opening of his op-ed.

The plan would cost you, the taxpayers, $600,000 per non-black family.

Hunt is the great-great-grandson of a slave, and he says if “there were ever a political slippery slope, this is it.”

“Providing reparations to a group of people hundreds of years removed from the sin of slavery does not right the wrongs of history.  It serves only to create a perpetual sense of victimhood, victim entitlement and promotes resentment amongst the people,” he explained.

He further argued that reparations in general assume that all white people benefited from slavery. They didn’t. And they have no moral obligation to pay anyone for it. “This oversight from the left further illustrates the soft bigotry that accompanies their ‘solutions,’ to inequality,” Hunt noted.

“Not every person born Black in America needs, or wants, a liberal to put their arm around them and take care of them.  I for one, am more than capable of taking care of myself, as are most of the Black people I know,” Hunt continued.

“The curse of the well-meaning liberals has been condemning the Black community for decades.”

Whether you’re in California or not, you can tell your local lawmakers how you feel about reparations. As the old adage goes, “if it happens in California, it’ll be here soon enough.”

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