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One Country Signals Huge Warning For Western Power Grids

One country signals huge warning for western power grids as eighty percent of Bangladesh’s population lost power on October 4th, 2022. That’s more than 140 million people left without electricity for heating, cooling, cooking, work, almost anything that we depend on in the modern world.

The state-run Bangladesh Development Board reported that the transmission of electricity had failed somewhere in the eastern region of the nation, but the exact source remains unclear, according to them.

Some of you may think that this failure is due to dated technology. You’re wrong.

Bangladesh, just like Europe and America, is suffering under the staggering energy and inflation crisis. The currency of this nation is plummeting in value, just like the euro, dollar, and pound-sterling.

People in Bangladesh can’t afford to turn on their power, maybe not even their own government.

Did you know that Europeans are already choosing between eating and heating? Family members of my team here at are sharing bathwater and no longer using warm water to clean their dishes due to the sheer cost forced upon them under this crisis.

You have probably noticed a significant increase in the cost of your utilities

And we’ve all seen the ridiculous prices at the gas pumps. But is America headed for a similar situation to countries like Bangladesh and Great Britain, or the entire continent of Europe?

The short answer is “yes.” Financial experts say we’re already in a global recession and energy crisis. Things do seem like they’re going to get better in 2023.

Even with President Joe Biden tapping into America’s strategic petroleum reserves, the total mismanagement by this administration has already done the damage needed to push us over the edge and into a situation like those happening in Europe, the UK, and Bangladesh.

The financial and energy crises can be mitigated with the right management and decision-making. Sure, things might get worse should the war between Russia and Ukraine grow, accommodating other nations, but on a local level, your leadership should have a plan in place to keep the lights on – no matter what.

If you’re not sure if your local, city, state, and federal political leaders will do when these issues compound – likely after the Midterms – get in touch with them today. We’ll ensure that you’re in the know about the politicians who are really working for you, for America, and for the future of our people.

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