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Non-Religious Individuals More Likely To Identify As Suffering From Mental Illness

A teacher from Eastern Illinois University reportedly conducted a data analysis of a survey focused on religious and non-religious individuals to track the differences in mental illness, and shared the results on social media, Monday.

Ryan Burge used data shared by Jonathan Haidt, a social-psychologist at New York University, to ascertain the rates of mental illness in religious communities. Burge found that a liberal individual who has never attended church is twice as likely to report they have a mental illness compared to never-attending conservatives, according to a post shared on Twitter.

He then ran through the data with a simple question: do you identify as atheist/agnostic/nothing in particular, or with a religious tradition? Those who identify with zero religious affiliation are far more likely to report mental illness compared to religious people. (LEARN MORE: Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon)

The survey was conducted during the lockdowns of 2020, during which liberal individuals were said to be significantly more nervous than their conservative counterparts, Burge noted. Burge asked whether this was because conservatives are more likely to stigmatize mental health treatment, but a second analysis suggested that this was not the case.

The 3rd Great Awakening is upon us.

Could it be that He is walking us through this terrifying moment in history because he knows we are saved? He knows we are here to witness in all that the world has to offer, and to walk in His light through this darkness? Almost certainly. (MORE ON THIS TOPIC: Sneak Peek At ‘Jesus Revolution’ Will Send Chills Down Your Spine)

As mental illness is one of the leading causes of social decline at this moment in history, surely we can come together and tackle this beast through our faith?

Supporting our fellow citizens and their mental health is more important than ever. We can insist our leaders create pathways to successful mental health interventions to cure the blights they have foisted upon us.

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