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McCarthy Signs Bill To Kill Biden’s Attempts To Destroy American’s Retirement Plans

Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy signed a bipartisan bill Thursday that will nullify the Biden Administration’s Department of Labor rule that would allow retirement plan managers to focus on low-return environmental and social (ESG) investments, The Federalist reported.

Under former President Donald Trump, investments had to be done to enhance retirement savings. Since Biden took office, fiduciaries can put your money into low-return ESG funds. The myth is that these investments will “save the planet.” In reality, they destroy the stability of American retirement.

“President Biden is prioritizing politics over his own people,” McCarthy said as he signed the bill.

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“Hardworking Americans don’t need a regulation from Washington that steers them into higher fee, lower performing, less diversified funds, and that’s what these so-called ESG funds are,” Republican Kentucky Rep. Andy Barr said of the bill, which he introduced in February. “Where people who are invested in ESG — unwittingly and without their consent in many cases — they suffer losses far greater than the average investor who is broadly and diversely invested across the board. And it’s true: these funds carry 43 percent higher fees which also eat their returns.”

The bill is the first to pass through the House and Senate for this, our 118th Congress. It will now land on President Joe Biden’s desk for approval. The Federalist believe that Biden will veto the bill, proving that he doesn’t care about the American people. He cares about what he wants.

You Can Ensure Your Elected Officials Protect Your Retirement Plans

If you want your state to ensure that your savings aren’t spent on failed climate policies, you need to contact your local representatives today. If you’re not sure how to do that, sign up to Change.MillionVoices today OR (text MV to 80550) and share this article with your friends and family so we can unite as citizen lobbyists and peacefully fight for our freedoms.


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