FLASHPOINT: D’Souza Breakdown of 2000 Mules

Dinesh D’Souza joins a special FlashPoint broadcast to discuss the copious amounts of data analyzed while producing his new bombshell documentary, 2,000 Mules. Dinesh credits one of the premier voter integrity organizations, True the Vote, for finding provable, factual evidence. “The idea to capture this evidence was genius!” Dinesh explains that while mainstream media and big tech platforms may suppress this film, the truth will eventually emerge. MillionVoices.org CEO John Graves explains how True the Vote aggregated cellphone pings and ballot drop box surveillance footage to reveal a scandalous story. “What the law enforcement should have done, citizen investigators did.” Author & podcast host Lance Wallnau joins the conversation and inquires about video footage from other states. Dinesh explains that not every state has surveillance cameras, despite the security they can provide for the election process. “It’s really interesting how authorities resist the release of the video…and throw up obstacles.” Dinesh shares the most challenging aspect of his movie. “It’s coming out in an atmosphere of intense censorship. We are in a media environment that has become a part of propaganda and is perfectly happy to suppress legitimate stories.” Dinesh concludes by declaring that this trailer is only a glimpse of what is coming in the spring. “You better get ready!” Finally, John commends True the Vote and other analysts who heroically stayed the course and didn’t give up amid false narratives from the legacy media. As this documentary is released, you may be wondering what to do with the information it unveils. Join this movement of heroes today and USE YOUR VOICE to contact your state legislators, urging them to strengthen voter integrity laws in your state!


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