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Exclusive FireBase Interview: John Graves

With reports of calamities, natural disasters, shootings, forced vaccines, mask mandates, and a president that is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our southern border, what can Christians do? In an exclusive FireBase interview with Dr. Gary French, John Graves, CEO and founder of, offers scriptural understanding and spiritual encouragement to influence our culture. 

After being denied an application to form a local Turning Point USA chapter at her school, class senior Leslie Mendoza disputed the rejection of her application in front of the local school board, their response might surprise you! John reacts to this young lady’s courage, pointing out how relevant one voice can be on these issues. “We can choose to be the ten spies or the two spies, like in the promised land.” 

Dr. French also shares a recent account of a local school board appointing a pro-CRT candidate and parents of that county opting to influence their school board for a different result! John challenges the narrative of systemic racism in our nation by objectively reviewing our nation’s history; “Hundreds of thousands of black and white people sacrificed their lives to free people who are of different ethnicities, different nationalities, and different skin colors. That’s not a systemic racist nation; that’s a nation that acknowledged its sin, acknowledged the problem, and fought a bloody war! People gave their lives, led by the Church, to free other men!”

Dr. French acknowledges that our current administration wants to “tear down quicker, rather than build back better!” When he asks what the Church can do and how we can encourage people, John explains how state representatives are leaders we can quickly and easily influence. “We have launched a tool for your voice to make a big difference.” 

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