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Counties Consider Secession Over Leftist Policies

Eleven different counties in Oregon are considering succession from the state over the damage caused by far-leftist policies, The Blaze reported Thursday.

Each of the counties is based in rural parts of eastern Oregon, and recently voted to support ballot measures that could lead to their secession from the state. The decision comes after years of abuse stemming from Portland’s leftist policies that have divided residents in the state, according to the New York Times.

“To say that I’m an Oregonian is a geographic truth, but it doesn’t really have meaning to me the way that it did before I lived in eastern Oregon,” local resident Corey Cook told the outlet. “Oregon is not a unified state to me any more.” (LEARN MORE: Warning For Parents: Extremists Continue To Push For The Inclusivity Of Child Sex Offenders)

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Residents are heading in the direction of a “Greater Idaho” movement, which would see 13 Oregon counties into Idaho’s borders, the Blaze continued. While there have been some 200 unsuccessful attempts to break up states like California, this situation is different.

Instead of forming a new state, the “Greater Idaho” movement would just realign the geographic boundary around the state. “I don’t think there is a historical precedent to say ‘this is going to work,” veteran and Oregon resident James Nash told the outlet. “I’d just rather we figure out how to restore Oregon to a better place.”

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