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Clara Barton, A Life Risked For The Survival Of America: Women’s History Month

In this series, Change.MillionVoices celebrates inspirational women from the past and present day America. We value these women for the way they continue to shape our culture and history today.

Clara Benton, Founder of the American Red Cross

Born on Christmas Day, 1821, Barton was living in Washington D.C.  when the American Civil War commenced in 1861, according to the Red Cross official website. Feeling her true calling, Barton earned the nickname the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her work nursing soldiers and bringing supplies to the front.

She helped reconnected more than 20,000 soldiers with their families once the war ended. Barton earned permission to do this from President Abraham Lincoln!

During a trip to Switzerland in 1869, she learned of the Red Cross movement. Europeans were providing healthcare to those injured during combat from a completely politically neutral perspective.

She went on to found the American Red Cross in 1881. By 1882, the U.S. ratified the Geneva Convention so that all war-wounded soldiers and civilians. Countless Americans can thank Barton for the protection and care received through her legacy.

Who Are You Celebrating For The 2023 Women’s History Month?

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