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Can Artificial Intelligence Turn Voters Back To The GOP?

An article published Monday by RealClear Pennsylvania suggested that artificial intelligence, suchc as ChatGPT, might turn voters back to the Republican party once the full impact of its capabilities are realized.

The article, written by Athan Koutsiouroumbas, argued that “policymakers had their worlds rocked by generative artificial intelligence. The problem is that they don’t know it – yet.” He described how ChatGPT has passed medical licensing exams, bar exams, and even the Wharton Business School’s core examination, all of which prove its capabilities are far beyond that of the average human.

“OpenAI’s Chat GPT3 has shown a remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and consultants,” one Wharton researcher wrote of the program. Considering that lawyers, administrators, doctors, consultants, and many other professions are some of the highest paid in the U.S., it should concern them that AI is making them largely obsolete.

Using Pennsylvania as a case study, noting the eb and flow of employment and migratory patterns in the state, Koutsiouroumbas argued that those predominantly working in the state’s “Eds and Meds” vote Democrat. These individuals are most at risk of losing their careers to AI, in the same way that America’s blue collar workers lost their careers when Democrats sent their jobs overseas.

Republicans therefore should focus their efforts in Pennsylvania on reindustrializing the state, creating jobs that cannot be replaced by robots. (LEARN MORE: ‘Our Money Our Values’ Educates Americans On The Dangers Of ESG Policies)

“Pennsylvania is blessed with abundant natural resources and is a net exporter of energy,” Koutsiouroumbas wrote. “It has educational entrepreneurs pleading for the opportunity to create the most industrially skilled workforce on the planet. Products made in Pennsylvania can reach most of the continental United States or international waters within 24 hours. Among the 50 states, this “iron triangle” of energy-workforce-logistics may be unique to Pennsylvania.”

Socio-psychologically-speaking, if Pennsylvania were to rapidly reindustrialize, it could unite individuals of all educational backgrounds into one cohesive class. “Pennsylvania Republican policymakers have the opportunity before them to accomplish what Ron DeSantis has achieved in Florida: a generational political realignment of a state,” Koutsiouroumbas noted.

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