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Biden Family’s Suspicious Bank Reports Under Review By House Panel

The House Oversight Committee is set to review suspicious activity reports sent by various banks to the Treasury Department involving President Joe Biden’s family. The reports sent by various banks alerted the department of potential criminal activity, the New York Post reported.

The flagged transactions are predominantly linked to Biden’s son Hunter Biden, and the president’s brother, James Biden, CBS reported in 2022. More than 150 different transactions involving one or the other were flagged by U.S. banks for further review.

“Oversight Committee staff will begin reviewing suspicious activity reports [privately] at the Treasury Department Wednesday afternoon,” a spokesperson for the panel told The Post. The review is hoped to accelerate Republican committee chairman James Comer’s investigation into the president’s ventures in China, Russia, and Ukraine.

Could 2023 mark the fall of the Biden family?

Republicans launched a slew of investigations into the Biden family and his actions while in office in January. Each investigation has been granted its own separate committee or subcommittee. (LEARN MORE: Republicans Launch Huge Investigations Into Biden, His Family, And His Actions In Office)

One such special subcommittee was created by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan to investigate the “weaponization” of government, the NYT reported. Not long after the announcement, Biden threatened supporters of the Second Amendment with the force of the U.S. military.

It is hoped that these investigations and more will bring truth to light.

Make sure your lawmakers are helping the investigations into the Biden family.

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