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Apocalypse Series ‘Revelation Road’ Set To Launch On Pure Flix

PureFlix dropped the trailer for “Revelation Road” Tuesday, a fictionalized story based on the Book of Revelations. (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution’ Is Based On A True Story, And It Looks Beautiful. Tell Us What You Think!)

The trailer for “Revelation Road” looks absolutely chilling. There is little detail on the specifics of the storyline, but apparently it picks up from where the franchise last left off. The protagonist, Josh McManus is described as Jason Bourne-type, who was scientifically modified to possess super human abilities.

Old Faces, New Mediums

Instead of a movie, this time we’re being treated to a series! We’ll be treated to seven episodes and was described as “a big action-adventure” by director Gabriel Sabloff. It all starts with the Rapture, and will continue from there.

“The ‘Revelation Road’ universe that we’re creating is a big action-adventure series, and we’re taking big swings, and we want it to feel big and expansive,” Sabloff noted. “I’ve designed it so that the world is really big and we bring in all these different characters who have their own lives and are making their own way through the seven-year Tribulation Period as the best they can.”

The Great Awakening Is Here

The ongoing success of Christian film and television is a key indicator of our Great Awakening. As the mainstream media appears to tilt further and further into the darkness, Christian voices are fighting back en masse.

Did you see these headlines from our Great Awakening?

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