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A Convention Of States May Be Possible By 2026, But What Does This Mean For You?

President of Convention of States Action group Mark Meckler said Saturday that there may be enough states on board to amend the Constitution by 2026.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows for the nation to make amendments in one of two ways. “The first way is, whenever two-thirds of both Houses of Congress decide an amendment is necessary, they can propose that amendment and put it out to the states for ratification, and it takes three quarters of states to ratify that amendment,” Meckler explained while being interviewed by Breitbart News Saturday.

“The method is, the state legislatures alone — no governor’s signature necessary —  when the majority of both houses of the state legislature say they want to call a convention, they pass a resolution calling for that convention. And then they submit that to Congress and when 34 states have done that, then the convention is called,” he continued.

Meckler’s organization is preparing a resolution that will be proposed in all state legislatures that covers three major subject areas. “[The resolution says that the convention once called will discuss anything that would impose term limits on federal officials and Congress. So that’s Congress plus bureaucrats and staffers — the deep state,” Meckler continued.

“[It] says … you can discuss anything that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government like a balanced budget amendment, tax caps, spending caps. And it says they can discuss anything that would impose scope and jurisdiction restraints, and that means telling the federal government what it can’t do, things that they never should have done, like being involved in education or energy or healthcare. We could do away with those kinds of agencies. So that’s the basic process and how it works.”

So far 19 states have passed the proposed resolution that call for a convention of states. A total of 34 states need to take part in order for the movement to move forward. Listen to the full podcast with Meckler here.

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