Transcript from Million Voices Update on December 31, 2021

Hi John Graves with Million Voices. One of the most profound polls has just come out as we conclude the year of 2021 and head into 2022 and the midterm elections. The poll asked a simple question, do you think it was very or somewhat likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election? Stunning results. 79% of Republicans believe the answer is yes, but more stunning, 58% of Independents. Even more stunning to me, 41% of Democrats believe it was somewhat or very likely that cheating influenced the outcome.

In addition to this Rasmussen poll, 70% of the people believe it was a bad idea for democracy, for Mark Zuckerberg to put $420,000,000 into the election and privately funding the different people who are counting the votes, who were overseeing the votes, who were watching registration and observing and everything else. Clearly, there’s a problem in this country, and I take the position that there’s a problem on two extremes.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton believed it was a stolen election. She was saying that all the way until 2019. In 2018, the midterms Stacey Abrams refused to concede and believes that that was a stolen election in Georgia for governor. In 2020 Donald Trump believes [there was cheating]. That the problem is not that the winner thinks that there’s a problem. The problem is we need elections where the loser also believes I lost a fair election. That’s where we’ve got to get to in this country. So we came up (and you can click on it and see it on our website) with a very simple acronym that will allow you to share this information and contact your state legislators who can make the biggest change. I just came up with this acronym of FACTS.

What are the facts? There are two extremes, right? There’s the far extreme that wants to dismiss it, deny it, or define it as a big lie that there was an election cheating. This poll proves that that’s nonsense to the overwhelming majority, regardless of your party affiliation. But on the other extreme, people have gone so far as to exaggerate about things and every quality control issue or every possible thing becomes a big, huge issue.

God prepared me with a business degree in accounting, and I understand auditing. He gave me a law degree through several more years of work, and I understand evidence, but I’m also an ordained pastor, and I’m also a dad of five kids. And so I know Proverbs 18:17 that says one side seems right until the other side comes and presents their case or gives a cross examination.

So what we want is fair elections, and we need to focus on the facts. So our simple acronym is FACTS. It needs to be a fair election, which is clean voter rolls, voter ID, signature verification. It just needs to be a fair election. That’s F.

  1. Is i t needs to be auditable. There needs to be observers there. We audit banks, we audit other things. Both sides should be able to quickly and accurately audit that it was a fair election.

  1. It needs to be constitutional. Now, the COVID crisis in 2020 allowed a lot of Democrat statewide office holders and Democrats state supreme courts to change the state legislatures in violation of the Constitution. Pennsylvania allowed hundreds of thousands of people to vote late. They did Dropbox with no video, they mailed out en masse across the country. And had the election been held by the same rules as 2016, it would have been a very [different] outcome according to the most accurate pollster of the last five election cycles.

So fair, F. A. Auditable, C. Constitutional T. Traceable. You need to be able to trace the voter and trace the ballot. This is very, very simple and you don’t want ballot trafficking where other people are going and voting for other people. Midnight dropboxes where people can vote or mail. That’s not traceable.

And finally S. Secure. There should never be WiFi access. There should never be a way someone who doesn’t know your vote without you looking at it can adjudicate your vote or change your vote on any software. So it’s a very simple algorithm.

And remember, please remember, the greatest way we can change our country for the better is to contact your state legislature.

Remember, 10 or 15 of us. If we contact them, can change them. The federal government is not going to change election integrity. The Democrats want HR1 and they want to formalize or make permanent all the 2020 changes. The Republicans want to fight that. The real battle is being fought in the state legislatures.

So we give you two options. You can click on our website at and you can do it yourself and we’ll tell you when you give us your information, we’ll tell you what the issues are. We’ll send this acronym to you for free. There’s no charge to this and we’ll show you who your state rep is, what their address, their fax number, their phone number, their email, all those things for your state Senator and your state house representative.

But if you don’t want to do it, you can make a simple contribution. We’ll do it for you, from you. We’ll literally make a postcard or a letter from you, not from us, not a petition, but from you to them saying, I want you to do something about election integrity. I want elections that are fair, that are auditable, that are secure, that are constitutional, and that are traceable. And so thank you.

And God bless you for doing so much to help our country, continue to pray.  Good things are happening, but we have to exercise our voices. And if we do, we can bring positive change.