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Mandatory vaccines are an assault on freedom. Regardless of an individual’s opinion regarding the vaccine’s effectiveness, we want the freedom to be protected.
God made all people one race and two genders (male and female). There is diversity of ethnicities, cultures , languages, and nationalities but all are created by God and should be treated with biblical justice, mercy, compassion and kindness.
We believe in protecting those that cannot protect themselves, therefore, we affirm that pregnancies should not be selectively aborted. We advocate for the lives of the most vulnerable, the unborn.
The right to own a gun should not be infringed upon since our right to own legal property is protected. Because of this truth, we believe the right to ownership of any legal property, including guns, is sanctioned.
Educational Freedom
When education choices for our children are denied, it disregards a parent’s rights to help their children in ways the parent believes is best.