Transcript from Million Voices Update on December 27, 2021

Hey, John Graves with Million Voices. One of the things that everybody’s talking about this week is all of the crisis surrounding the vaccine mandates. And you’ve got the Supreme Court of the United States is telling the White House you have till the end of this year to tell us about this because the fifth and sixth circuits split over this issue and took different positions striking down the OSHA vacs mandate. 


You’ve got the President also looking at sending in National Guard to some of the hospitals because they’re so overflooded. It’s very similar to Defund the Police. Crime goes through the roof, it’s historic highs right now. If you fire a bunch of people in the health industry because they have natural immunity, they don’t want the vaccine or have a religious exemption for the vaccine, and you’re firing them now we got to send in the National Guard – we’ve got a crisis on this.


In Pennsylvania, we had a teacher saying that anybody who has a religious exemption for vaccines, well, they should all be shot. That’s a teacher in a public school. She ended up losing her job, thankfully. But that’s the kind of demonization of anybody who wants to have an honest conversation about this.


It’s a free country, if you want the vaccine, you should go get a vaccine. If you don’t want it, you shouldn’t be forced to have somebody put stuff something inside of you. And a Swedish company announces this week that they’ve got a chip that will give your vaccine status to everyone else. And so it is a crazy issue that’s going to keep being at the forefront. We don’t know what the Supreme Court is going to do with the OSHA mandate, which is 100 employees or more but it just continues state by state being a really hot issue.


The most effective thing that you and I can do is contact your state representative. 10 or 15 people contacting one state representative, can change their position and put them into motion or keep them from doing something bad or get them to do something good for people of faith, people of freedom so that they can do that. So if you’ll sign up for that, we give you two options.


You can do it all yourself. The vaccine will be one of the next cards that we do every single month. We’ll send you another one. It doesn’t cost you anything. Just sign up for that. We’ll continue to send those issue after issue after issue.


And for some people, they say, look, you do it for me. It’s not coming from us, we’ll send a postcard from you. You even sign your name to your state rep, to your state Senator, so you can sign up for that.


But just remember, you and I are the ones that can change this thing. If enough of us stick together, we can make positive changes. Instead of just resigning and looking at the mess that’s all over this country. Get started today.